Medical Management

Our various services in the medical research and development field are as mentioned below

Medical Management:

a. Copy writing of medical material:

Our team comes up with such creative slogans that truly represent the brand with its complete features.

b. Medical Translations:

Services of PROMO-PHARMA consider all the needs of its clients so we offer medical translations specially structure and linguistics of Arabic language. Our team is available to provide certified translations services from the best translators having highly regarded certified profiles.

c. Medical Research:

PROMO-PHARMA has prestigious online internet searching tools which help us in getting updates on latest medical journals and upcoming medical studies so that we can provide our clients with latest information they need.

d. Presentations:

Our team prepares high level power point presentations along with reels for various products, advertisements, mass communication, meetings, websites, multimedia, etc.

e. Promotional slogans and messages:

We also create slogans and promotional messages for different visual aids like ads, DTC, brochures and leaflets etc.

f. PR advertorials:

Our public relations advertorials include various e-forums, medical magazines, news papers for public etc.

g. Medical journals and studies are briefed:

We know that doctors may not have much time to read complete texts of different studies and guidelines; this is why we edit these medical researches and studies in a very comprehensive way so that they can be read with in limited time frame.