Toward Exceptional Services

Our Mission

We are an established pharmaceutical products Company based in Jeddah; PROMO-PHARMA has been working towards creating customized business model for healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in KSA, Egypt and United Arab Emirates.

Our main focus at PROMO-PHARMA is on creativity.  To ensure creativity in each of our aspects we permanently organize and conduct creative campaigns as well as event management.  Moreover, we adapt flexible policies that concentrate on public relations and e-marketing as well. We are not like any other conventional advertising agency; we inspire our people to innovate in order to fulfill customer expectations.

In our strive to achieve client satisfaction, we try to help them build their brand by offering value-added services such as training managers and sales force, providing marketing tools, etc. We also help them to choose the right candidates by our recruitment services.

PROMO-PHARMA is a trusted name which is engaged in continuous operations with various reputable pharmaceutical companies. We have a long list of clients including Abbott, Sanofi, Pfizer, SAJA, Novartis, Deef, Seven-Seas, MUP, Merk, Banaja BPC, Servier, Al-Battarji, Abbvie, JPI, Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals and many other institutions. We provide more than hundreds of products and services to various pharmaceuticals companies.

Our Commitment

Our vision is to become the benchmark pharmaceutical company in the Middle East. We are committed to offer innovative and high quality solutions for every need in the pharmaceutical industries.

Our Clients can always count on us. Our staff has more than fifteen years of experience in healthcare advertising and marketing. Our workforce consist of doctors, instructors, pharmacists and web developers who work simultaneously to offer creative, affordable and trusted solutions for each client needs.

Each of our clients has different needs depend on their various goals; we aim to provide each of them with creative solution that best match their needs and their organizational structure.

Doing business with us is easy, we believe in matrix environment for better business deals. Our classification of departments include medical research department, sales department, creative department, marketing consultation department and e-marketing department which  allows smooth functioning and work transparency.

PROMO-PHARMA is still growing; we invite the creative people from all around the world to join us either as a freelancer, part-time or full-time.  People who want to join us should have faith in our mission!