A name of accuracy, efficiency, experience and punctuality

PROMO-PHARMA deals with an unending range of services and products under various categories. For example our area of expertise is extended to anti-emetic, multivitamins, antihistamine, anti-cough, dermal and ant osteoarthritis. The categories we deal are about 100 which speak for our experience and quality services over the years.

Our services are not only limited to product/brand development but we are also capable to make things more creative with use of video production, graphics and multimedia designs.

We do the following processes for creating creative touches:

1. Brainstorming

2. Concept based creative proposals

3. Creative brief

4. Copy writing along with medical research

5. Reviews and modifications

6. Development and printing of the first drafts

7. Aid tests are arranged on request

8. Printing on special request is also available

For having a look on our artwork samples, please remember to  visit this link.