Redefining Event Management

Event Management:
Event management is one of the areas which we specialize in. We offer our client very competitive price packages. We at PROMO-PHARMA aim to deliver quality, professionalism and precision. We organize high quality and well structured events with extreme professionalism and accurate delivery time. Our events include conferences, seminars, cycle meetings, and symposiums.

Video Conferences:
We arrange video conferences which connect the speaker with his audience from anywhere in the world. As well, the selected speakers are subject to specific standards to ensure productive meetings and high level of communication.

Booth design:
Lately, booths have become a fundamental and powerful marketing and advertising tool especially in health care and pharmaceutical industries. Putting that into consideration, PROMO-PHARMA designs attractive advertising booths that suit the requirements of our clients. Our exhibition stand and booths are equipped with stand attractors, showrooms, attractive video recording and editing, and interactive multimedia applications.