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Magnifying Business Expertise

PROMO PHARMA is a renowned pharmaceutical company with a lot of marketing experience mainly at the markets of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. We have a huge group of experts offering their services at different hospitals and health organizations. We are always available and we surely welcome you to consult us for business advices regarding your products as well as your organization as a unit.

Case in point
Production Efficacy: in this era of great competition and technology what makes us a prominent pharmaceutical marketing agency is that we keep our customers and whole pharmaceutical world up to date to what is going on in the market worldwide with our monthly newsletter. Along with this we also provide reviews and analysis on different products and organizations.

Marketing plans: We provide professional advice about how to improve and expand your business.

Detail Aid Test:
We help promoting our customer’s business with profound understanding, analysis and processing of the basic organizational philosophy keeping in mind the technological advancement and continuously increasing competition.  The aid test may include much processing depending on the competition threshold and visual aid philosophy.

Hazard and crises management:
A vital part of our consultation services is Risk and crisis management. We help building public relations and organize Campaigns like anti rumors and fax campaigns.

Some other services which we provide are:

  • Status management
  • Strategic management and forecasting
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing research
  • Benchmarking
  • Product building