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We Guarantee the Best Personnel for you.

PROMO-PHARMA provides many services regarding the entire recruitment process. We are prepared to take over the whole recruitment in behalf of you, from job posting, CV filtration and reviewing to CV faxing, interviews and choosing the right person for the job. Steps of Recruitment process:

1. Job posting:
We do the job posting for you and we select the best place, appropriate mechanism, and the right time to post your job.

2. CV filtration:
We perform the filtration process with adequate standards and steady work flow based on our client's detailed specifications and requirements.

3. Interviewing and selecting the right candidates:
We interview the candidates and select the best on behalf of you. We also give training courses to both interviewers and interviewees.

4. Reviewing CVs:
We edit and adjust CVs to proper format which include adding new attractive templates, photo correction, adding special fonts, etc.

5. CV Faxing:
Candidates can email us their CVs and we will fax it to almost all pharmaceutical companies, health care organizations or hospitals in Saudi Arabia.